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Volunteer opportunities for practicing artists

A young person with long back braided hair smiles and dances, waving their arms in the air. They are wearing a red school jumper and grey skirt and are in a classroom. This is at a Creative Classrooms session delivered by Emma for darts in Doncaster

Our Volunteers

We have a small team of volunteers, whose support includes weekly volunteering in our regular creative sessions, weekend and holiday workshops or being an essential part of the team at events. We also support artists or those wishing to pursue a career in the cultural and creative industries to develop their skills and practice as a volunteer on our programmes.

Volunteering is a great way to gain experience, meet new people, further a career and give something back to the community. We are committed to providing opportunities for creative practitioners to develop their skills and provide a range of training and social events to ensure that our team is always learning and growing.

We also support Creative Directions participants to become Peer Volunteers. This means that when people feel confident enough, they can take on more responsibility in a group setting. They may support artists to set up and take registers or support other participants who are feeling particularly anxious or vulnerable.

Are you a creative practitioner or someone who is interested in developing a career in the cultural or creative industries?

We support practicing artists looking to develop their skills and knowledge in participatory practice, or those who are interested in a career in the arts, cultural or creative industries to volunteer on some of our programmes. This is an excellent way of gaining key skills, learning from experienced participatory artists and facilitators, or developing your knowledge in an area that you feel you need more experience. Do look out for our artist trainee opportunities on social media too.

Please note that we are not able to support any work experience opportunities, placements or apprenticeships at the moment.

If you have any questions at all about volunteering, please get in touch with Sophie on 01302 493843 or

Being given trust and the responsibility of a group gave me a role to fill, something to grow into, and a much bigger sense of achievement I never really had before.

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