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Business Sponsorship

We love to work with other businesses and find ways to support each other

A group of Doncaster schoolchildren dance and sing on stage at a Doncaster Music Education Hub performance

As a cultural venue in the heart of Doncaster, we enjoy being a part of a thriving borough that has so much to offer.

We love to work with other organisations and find ways to support each other.

If you are interested in sponsoring an element of our programme, one of our exhibitions in the gallery, or one of our artists, do talk to us! We have lots to offer and have a strong reputation for partnership working.

We are a multinational business and market leader within our industry with 3000 FTE across the group. We thoroughly enjoy working in partnership with darts as a local arts charity. darts' staff are thoroughly professional, inspiring and dedicated, and we have learnt so much from developing the Unlocking Dementia performance together. This performance helped raise awareness of dementia with our staff at head office and this was enjoyed by all members who participated. The actors were a joy to work with. I would recommend working with darts to any other business and I look forward to working together with them in the future. – Penny Ellis, Tunstall Healthcare

We are thrilled to work with Golders Associates, Keepmoat Homes , Screwfix Foundation and Persimmon Homes – all of whom have recently provided vital funding for areas of our work that it’s hard to fundraise for.

Keepmoat Homes helped us to build the new temporary exhibition space for the Bill Viola exhibition as part of Tate and National Gallery of Scotland’s ARTIST ROOMS initiative.

For more information, please contact Sophy Sylvester, Director (Fundraising & Development) on 01302 493994 or

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