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guitars and ukulele

Here you will find our online tutorials and resources for guitars and ukulele

Classical Guitar

Beginner Guitar – Marching Fingers tutorial

Beginner Guitar – Bass Notes tutorial

Beginner Guitar – ‘Flamenco’ tutorial

Initial Grade – ‘Salsa Party’ tutorial

Initial Grade – ‘Gypsy Dance’ tutorial

Initial Grade – ‘Inca Dawn’ tutorial

Initial Grade – Technical tutorial

Grade 1 – ‘Die Forelle’ The Trout tutorial

Grade 1 – ‘Pirate’s Delight’ tutorial

Grade 1 -‘Romance d’Amour’ tutorial

Grade 1 – Technical tutorial

Grade 2 – ‘Dance Paysan’ tutorial

Grade 2 – ‘Le Paon’ tutorial

Grade 3 – ‘Andantino’ tutorial

Grade 4 – ‘Village Blackbird Blues’ tutorial

Grade 4 – ‘Bossa Nova Breeze’ tutorial

Grade 4 – ‘Gavotte’ tutorial

‘Here, there and everywhere’ performance

‘English Air’ performance

‘Blues for Belle’ performance

‘The Cat!’ performance

‘Sahara Sun’ performance

‘Ella’s Tune’ performance

‘Blind Jake’s Rag’ performance

‘Lagrima and Adelita’ performance

Electric Guitar

Power Chords tutorial

Transitioning and Strumming patterns tutorial


How to read TAB tutorial

‘Yesterday’ performance

‘Don’t Get Around Much Anymore’ performance

‘Blue Moon’ performance

‘Chim Chim Cheree’ performance




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