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doncaster music education hub: resource packs

Resource packs that can be used by primary teachers, which include a wide range of musical genres.

This year, the Doncaster Music Education Hub completed a project in various primary schools around Doncaster, exploring different genres of music – genres of music that we felt were either under-represented in primary school music curriculums, or genres that may appear a bit more daunting to non musicians.

As part of the project, the artists were asked to create a resource pack for their chosen genre, that could be used by primary teachers.  These resource packs are merely a starting point, to give you some ideas and inspiration – please feel free to adapt the activities, or to change them to suit the group you are working with.

We would love it if you could keep us posted on how you are using the ideas, via our social media [Twitter/Facebook] or by emailing



Key Stage 1 resource pack

Folk Music resource pack

Related audio files to go with Folk Music resource pack:

World Music resource pack

Related audio files to go with World Music resource pack:

World Percussion resource pack

20th Century Classical Music resource pack

Jazz resource pack

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