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Here you will find all of our online tutorials and resources for woodwind instruments


Grade 1 – ‘Freddie Freeloader’ tutorial

Grade 1 – ‘Mack the Knife’ tutorial

Grade 1 – ‘Oye Como Va’ tutorial

Grade 3 – ‘Mercy Mercy Mercy’ tutorial

Grade 3 – ‘All Is Well’ tutorial

Grade 5 – ‘Gotcha’ tutorial

Grade 5 – ‘Five Spot After Dark’ tutorial



Grade 1 – ‘Daisy Bell’ tutorial



Top tips for beginner flute – the headjoint

Grade 1 – Rae ‘Snow Walk’ tutorial

Grade 1 – Verdi ‘Donna Et Mobile’ tutorial

Grade 1 – Krieger ‘Bourre’ tutorial

Grade 1 – Nightingale ‘Click Here’ tutorial

Lucky Boots Bossa Flute Duet performance

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