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Our Stories

Get an insight into the work we do here at The Point

My Dance On Story

Angela shares her story about joining our fun dance sessions for over 50s.

My family trip to The Point

We chatted with Wendy about her family’s visit to The Point.

Volunteering with Creative Directions

Nikoletta discusses her volunteering experience.

Toby's Creative Directions story

Toby shares his experience of our weekly art workshops for adults experiencing mental health difficulties.

Bethany and The Point

Bethany is a child with profound disabilities. Here her parents discuss their experiences with her at The Point.

My Singing For Memory story

Read about Singing For Memory from a carer's perspective.

Ian McMillan on working with darts

Writer Ian McMillan reflects on his favourite memories of The Point.

Louise's Creative Directions story

Louise shares her experience of attending Creative Directions.

Graham's volunteering story

Graham shares his experience of going from participant to volunteer.

Building life skills with the arts

Talent Match Coach Bob discusses how the arts can help people learn essential life skills.

Music and well-being

Core Artists Janet and Dyzelle explore how music can affect well-being.

Dance and well-being

Programmes Manager & Dancer Hayley discusses the impact of dance upon well-being.

Introducing our new blog series: arts and well-being

We will be posting monthly blogs exploring the impacts the arts have on well-being, particularly for children.

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