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The Art of Disconnection

Explore our current exhibition featuring work by artist Kate Sully online

Detail of a painting by Kate Sully
As the Point is currently closed, we’ve digitised this exhibition so that you can explore it online. Take a tour around the gallery and find out more about Kate Sully and her art through photos, videos and interviews.

Kate Sully is a visual mixed media artist, facilitator and lecturer based in Sheffield. Her work is often large scale and challenging but is always rich and colourful, exploring themes about the world around us.

She was awarded a Develop your Creative Practice (DYCP) grant from Arts Council England to travel to Fremantle Arts Centre in Western Australia for 8 weeks. While she was there, Kate explored creativity and brain patterns and the idea that art can connect us to the world and make us feel like we belong.

Collaborating with scientists at the Sheffield Institute for Translational Neuroscience (SiTraN), Kate used digitally printed images of the brain to create these vibrant, large-scale artworks in response to their work on Alzheimer’s Disease (AD).

Kate worked closely with Dr Simon Bell, Dr Daniel Blackburn and PhD student Manmohi Dake. Their research looks at AD from the cellular level to discover how brain cells interact, how brain waves are changed and how a person’s health can affect their brain structure.

The artworks are not illustrative of the science but are a creative response, made through a mix of digitally printed images, collage, and paint. The manipulated research images are then able to tell different stories about memory and function through a creative language.

Click here to take a look at the individual artworks and find out about them in more detail. Watch the film below to listen to Kate speak about her work and the exhibition.



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