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Find out what Doncaster Music Education Hub can offer for your school

a school boy plays the xylophone at a Doncaster school

Doncaster Music Education Hub is a collection of local partners led jointly by Doncaster Music Service and darts. Our ambition is to provide every child in Doncaster the opportunity to sing and learn a musical instrument, and have opportunities to perform.

Music Education Hubs were established in 2012 in response to the government’s 2011 National Plan for Music Education (NPME), to provide access, opportunities and excellence in music education for all children and young people.

The Hub is made up of a collection of partners working together to provide every child in Doncaster with musical opportunities, led by Doncaster Music Service, which has over 80 years of experience in music education, and by darts. The Hub also works with other organisations to create a rich tapestry of musical opportunities for the young people in Doncaster.

In addition to providing opportunities for all children and young people, the Hub provides support for schools in a range of ways. Schools can get access to free online resources, specialist music provision, large scale events and performances, training and expert advice.

We offer initial meetings where a member of staff can meet with you and offer advice about the best musical pathways for schools to achieve good musical provision for all pupils.
Our recommended pathway for a Primary School to achieve good music provision:

  • Audit skill set in existing staff – supported by Hub Staff
  • Apply the Charanga approach throughout school which can be delivered by teachers who do not have a music specialism.
  • Implement a First Access Programme in Y3/4 delivered by Music Service or other partners – access the free instrument loan scheme if through Doncaster Music Service
  • Establish a progression pathway for First Access into small group teaching in Y4/5
  • Offer singing across all Key Stages – link into the Hub’s Singing Champions project and events – where we offer free monthly CPD and resources. Build your Singing Strategy in partnership with the Hub.
  • Access to large scale events such as Singout, iSing, Sing & Sign and Opera North
  • Clear pathway to music provision in secondary pyramids and across Multi Academy Trusts

We run a Music Coordinators Network – for more information and to take part please contact

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