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The River Don is Amazing

An interactive sculpture installation inspired by Doncaster's namesake river

A digital drawing of a trout, a salmon and a sea lamprey by Doncaster-based sculptor Dan Jones.

July 2024

The River Don is Amazing is an interactive sculpture and mixed-media installation from Doncaster-based sculptor Dan Jones. It is inspired by the improvements in the river’s biodiversity and celebrates the diversity of the communities that live alongside its banks. The gallery at The Point will be transformed into a magnified slice of the River Don. Vibrant and captivating, it will feature large-scale floating sculptures, moving image, words and sound. Visitors will be encouraged to explore the delicate ecosystem of the River Don and contribute their own sculptures to the exhibition in a free maker space.

The River Don is Amazing will be exhibited at The Point from 8 July – 11 September 2024.

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