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Explore our current exhibition featuring work by acclaimed street artists

Greyscale mural of Olivia Jones, founder of Doncaster Black Lives Matter
As the Point is currently closed, we’ve digitised this exhibition so that you can explore it online. Take a tour around the gallery through images and film and find out more about street art and the artists in Re-vision.

This exhibition features original artworks by internationally acclaimed artists STATIC, Paul Luke and Natasha Clarke, who have all created large-scale installations around Doncaster. Listen to this introduction to street art and the exhibition from Jeff Clark, Founder of Art of Protest Projects.


Re-vision is curated by Art of Protest Projects and The Point. Art of Protest Projects is a team of creatives who focus on transforming spaces. They deliver a variety of experiences from carefully curated pop-up events and festivals to large scale exterior murals and park redesigns.

Their aim is to make art more accessible and engaging for a wider audience. Street art is a fantastic tool to spark conversation, bring awareness to important issues and protest the status quo.

Street art is similar to graffiti art in that it is found outdoors and originated without commissioning however, more recently street art is commonly used as a placemaking tool and commissioned as public art.

‘Common materials and techniques include fly-posting (also known as wheat-pasting), stenciling, stickers, freehand drawing and projecting videos.’ Tate Galleries 2021


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Street artists Craig Evans and Tom Jackson founded S T A T I C in 2006. They have gone on to work with a number of international galleries and have painted murals in the UK and as far away as Japan. They have been based in London since 2008 and as well as being founding members of Wood Street Walls, they spent 2 months renovating a disused school building to create a shared workspace – Wood Street Studios – which opened its doors in 2017.

S T A T I C has built a reputation based on high production quality and a keen eye for detail, not only for the artworks they have made for galleries and private collections but also for the murals and public art projects they have completed over the years.

Their use of layered glass and assemblage has defined a style that has allowed them to explore a number of themes loosely reflective of urban tribes and trends, creating a unique visual language, which continues to evolve as they challenge themselves to build on their past experiences and search for new stories to tell.

Watch the film below to listen to Craig and Tom speak about their work and the exhibition.


You can see their mural ‘Back to Nature’ in Baxter Park. A collaboration with AOP Projects and Doncaster Creates and funded by Doncaster Council and the Arts Council, this park makeover features both wall and floor murals and new sustainable play installations and has created a bright fresh space for people to enjoy.

Paul Luke

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Large-scale mural of a poem on a white wall in the Gallery at The Point in Doncaster

Doncaster artist Paul Luke is a visual artist and lecturer, teaching Fashion Management and Communication at Sheffield Hallam University.

Paul teaches across the BA (Hons) Fashion Management & Communication curriculum with a particular focus on the communication of fashion concepts and narratives through innovative delivery techniques.

He also works with external professional clients to contextualise key impacting issues within the discipline. These have included Adidas, H&M, Arcadia, Dior and Sony Music. His recent research topic investigated the subject of dynamic delivery teaching techniques, resulting in a nationwide campaign in collaboration with mental health charity Mind.

Watch this short film to hear Paul speak about his process and the artwork he creates.


Paul’s visual artworks often incorporate visual language and poetry. You can see his mural ‘Love Cope Give Hope’ on the side of the Empire building in the car park on Portland Place.

Natasha Clarke

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Natasha Clarke is a young artist from and living in Doncaster. Her creative practice focuses on representing marginalised groups and investigating themes around identity politics and dual heritage. Her work often showcases black female beauty and power.

As well as working as a practising artist, Natasha is studying for an MA in Curation Practices. Recent shows she has curated include ‘ArtFest:2020’, which exhibited more than 20 artists from the BAME community and Leeds Arts University students. Natasha’s mural features Olivia Jones who founded Black Lives Matter Doncaster.

Watch this short film to listen to Natasha talk about her journey as an artist in Doncaster and the work she has created in the town.


You can find Natasha’s ‘Doncaster’ mural on the side of Prego Cafe, opposite the Regent Hotel.

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