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ks1 music makers

Join Dyzelle in making music at home and in the classroom

young school pupils smile and drum their hands on the floor sitting in a school assembly hall - part of a darts in Doncaster music project

The Doncaster Music Education Hub staff have been busy during lockdown, creating some great, accessible content that we think your KS1 pupils will love!  These ideas need no instruments, and only basic equipment and things you can already find around your classroom or home.  The ideas are also designed so that the pupils can do them in school, or at home (we are aware at how quickly the current situation can change)!

Download the KS1 Music Makers pack and explore 6 weeks of music activities, from word rhythms to junk percussion! All of the additional resources and videos that Dyzelle mentions in the pack are linked below for you.

Week One – Sing, sing, sing out!

Week Two – Sing Out Creative Activities

Week Three – Junk Percussion with Gary

Week Four – Junk Percussion with Gary

Week Five – Word Rhythms video below


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