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floods in doncaster/ tiny changes

This song was written by 2 classes at Pennine View School and has 2 distinct sections: Floods In Doncaster and Tiny Changes. The groups were due to explore the topic of global warming, so when the flooding hit Doncaster at the start of the project it felt like a good chance to make a complex topic more relatable.

The classes retold the dramatic events that had unfolded in their own town and the resulting song, ‘Floods In Doncaster’ gives a great insight into the events of that week in time.

Our musician then challenged the group to explore the small changes we could all make to protect our planet and try and lessen the effects of global warming. The Pennine View eco warriors rose to the challenge and ‘Tiny Changes’ is a call to action – a list of ideas that we can all implement immediately to become more environmentally friendly.

Floods in Doncaster/ Tiny Changes Track

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