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entr’acte with violin solo

Join musician Dyzelle for this classical music listening challenge

A group of happy school children sit on the hall floor in bright coloured tshirts - part of a darts in Doncaster project

This composer is a Princess and a female composer (which was a rarity at the time) –  this trailblazer deserves to be heard!

Watch Dyzelle’s video below, then listen to ‘Entr’acte with violin solo’ to complete your Listening Challenge! This recording of the piece was performed by the Thuringisches Kammerorchester Weimar, with conductor Martin Hoff.


You will also spot another video below – this is the Mozart piece that Dyzelle mentions at the end of her video. Have a listen – which violin solo do you prefer? The violin solo starts 1 minute 24 seconds into this video, but do listen to the whole piece!


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